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Episode News:
We’re really excited to be able to release this episode finally. The original recording had more than 20 hours of footage across two separate days when we were still learning. You will notice a hiss in the background. This was our first recording with a mixer instead of splicing 1/8? jacks together, so not only were we still learning how to use the mixer, we didn’t realize that it sucked. We’ve since purchased a better mixer, so when we’re not recording over Skype, we’re sounding much better.

This show was edited down to < 2 hours and bloopers are placed on the end of the episode. We don’t see the need for the extras feed, so it may podfade, but it’ll stay where it is because new listeners may show up in a month or year and want to hear the extras.

Part of the edit down to < 2 hours involved cutting all but the introduction and topic segments. This was edited in the fashion that all future Kore Philosophy episodes will be edited.

We really hope you enjoy the show!