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Suspect make stop at Taco Bell before getting caught by police [Emil Larsson]
Woman hits roomate, cuts herself, and puts squeeze on police [Scott Langston]
‘Dam’ Beavers cause train derailment near Canadian capital [Scott Langston]
Update: South Carolina funeral home that cut corpse’s legs can stay open [Scott Langston]
Two for one in Penn Hills: 6th grader with gun and kid tazed for cell phone [Scott Langston]
With David Carradine’s body returned home, questions about suicide remain [Scott Langston]

Florida fisherman hooks live missile in Gulf waters [Scott Langston]
Things go foul as Montana woman uses chickens as therapy animals [Ben's Mom]
Police say man attacked in Oklahoma for bologna sandwich [Ben's Mom]
Beware of Kitten: Postman boycotts house after kitten attack [Ben's Mom]
29 year old man fathers 21 children with 11 women [Ben's Mom]
11 year old California boy graduates from college [Ben's nagging Mom]

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