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Diablo 3 ‘Confirmed,’
Mercedes to Cut Petroleum Out of Lineup by 2015
Prince Sues to Obliterate Tribute Album
Canoeist arrested
Spokane man accidentally shoots self in face
Man dressed as penis disrupts graduation
Man suspected of using stun gun to coerce girlfriend into sex
Gov proposes 4-day week for most state workers
Death of a legend
John Alpha for President
Residents See Jesus In Granite Slab
Sleeping Pilots Overshot Airport by 359 Miles
Man riding bike runs into bear
Beachwood cancels Rec League all-star baseball game | Ron Ploof’s Podcast Website
Gator Attack Victim Blames Fish & Wildlife
Hefner suffers back pains from ‘bed rustling’
Teacher, 60, had sex with teens, police say
NYC cops grab man in PJs chasing burglar
Settlement in NY lawsuit over NBC’s ‘Predator’
Computer error prices gas at $1.40 in Ohio
Woman jumps out of moving car on interstate during argument

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