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The Stories:
North Korea Says Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il Has Died | 10 Famous Dead Dick Dictators
Baby, baby, baby, no: Pay up or be forced to listen to Justin Bieber
Israeli woman refuses ultra-Orthodox dictate to move to back of bus
Panhandling St. Petersburg mother accused of letting toddler wander into traffic
Cleaning crew finds meth lab in Lansford apartment
Man sold drugs in Coventry dressed as Incredible Hulk
Man orders beer, robs bank, returns to beer
Parking Attendant Thinks $2 Bills Aren’t Real, Returns My Perfectly Good Money
Police stop Greece man allegedly taking injured deer to Unity Hospital
Boy, 11, ticketed after being hit by SUV
2 discover their vehicle was burglarized while they were shoplifting
Ft. Lauderdale To Offer Homeless Free Rides Out Of Town
R.J. Williams Sets World Lightbulb-Eating Record In 33.86 Seconds
No more Twinkle for Toddlers
Gifts are gone after mom of three puts $700 worth of Christmas presents in wrong car
Frosty the Snowman returned to family after being held captive
Merry Christmas: Mouse without Borders
Dear Santa Letter sent 100 years ago found up chimney

The – Smells Like Christmas Spirit
Escape – Peer to Peer