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Benjamin Adams

The Stories:
Man throws potatoes at woman in Walmart
Cuba celebrates Fidel Castro’s 85th birthday
Susan Burns Arrested Again For Attacking Another Painting at National Gallery of Art
Cocaine National Street Price Comparison
Officials to Use Teflon, Dish Soap to Move Bridge
Suicidal subway bounce
Volleyballers’ bikini bottom ads criticized by feminist
Utah woman sues over No bra Thursday
School erred in punishment over MySpace pix
Louisiana Man Arrested For ‘Getting Aroused’ At Walmart
Man cited for lewd acts near elementary school in Spring Hill
Family fined $300 for having apple, tomato and three cucumbers in backpack at Newark airport
Man arrested after bathroom picnic
Police arrest McDonald’s pimple popper
Spanish duchess taps fortune for OK to wed at 85
Mike Myers is signed, sealed, delivered for ‘Austin Powers 4′
Alex Krasny’s OS X Lion First Impressions @ Job Well DumB
Man, 87, earns doctorate degree in Florida
Baboons, Prospect Park Zoo
Ben’s Challenge Photo