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The Stories:
Man Arrested for Masturbating in Park With Mannequin
Bernard Howell Accused of Murdering Woman, Admits to Having Sex With Her Corpse
Fed-Up Flight Attendant Makes Sliding Exit
Car thief ‘suffocated after 17-stone man sat on him’, inquest told
Nearly naked Jefferson County man charged with drug possession
3 Strippers Cited After Dispute Over Lap Dance

Groom accidentally kills wedding guests
Four men feared drowned in Idaho reservoir after joke gone awry
Man ‘marinaded live cat’
Toledo woman’s McNugget rage caught on tape | Better Video @ Job Well
Farmer unwittingly grows marijuana among his corn stalks
Man tries to get his name legally changed to Boomer the Dog

Between the Trees – A Time For Yohe
Cavashawn – Out Of My Mind