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No Jail Time For Man Arrested In Captain America Costume
Man charged with indecent exposure
Police catch man with pants down in Target parking lot
Man carries handgun into hardware store, shoots himself in testicles
Suspect Twisted Guard’s Testicles, Cops Say
Former Mayor/Principal’s Wife Accused of Sexual Contact With One of His Students, 14 – Linda Lusk

Masked teen carried rope, sex toys to stalk women at Conroy Pit
All you need is love, Dutch council tells jobless women
Cow seduces Indonesian man
Man trapped by fallen water buffalo head
During Court Break, Hebron Man Arrested Again
Scotland’s Lost & Found

Doctor, 100, still working after delivering 18,000 babies

Sever – Never Wanted to Dance
Home Video – Sleep Sweet
Between the Trees – White Lines & Red Lights
Cavashawn – Out Of My Mind