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Man says he robbed bank to get away from wife
Stranger slaps toddler who refused to stop crying
Neighbourhood Watch catch Bedar burglar with unpleasant “booty”
Police hunt for ‘youngest thief in Lothians’ – age 11
Thirsty Fla. woman accused of stealing change
Robbers forget keys in bank, leave getaway car behind
Man fends off would-be carjacker
Man holds home intruder at gunpoint [Tiffany Snider]

Bridge smeared with butter to stop suicides
‘I’m naked. You can’t take me’
Police arrest one in disturbances involving guns
Date goes awry for man claiming to be police officer
Gardeners banned from using barbed wire in case they hurt vandals
Man Caught on Camera Stealing Surveillance Cameras
Aussie’s monkey business lands him in a jail cell

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