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The Stories:
Teacher put on leave after ‘fat ass’ comment in yearbook
Couple screams ‘holy cow’ as bovine hits car
Hippo dies in Israel during castration
Urban legend becomes true as toilet snake attacks man
Woman beats and kills peacock with baseball bat
Squirrel acrobatics in an obstacle course

Burglar wearing panties caught in act
Nurses in Prague clinic offered free boob jobs
Polish contractor fired for humping hoover
Man uses gun to change tire
Springfield man gets 90 days in jail for shooting wife during sex
Wife’s nagging left man impotent

Bored Sea Captain marries sleeping crew members to one another
Marriage of transgender woman and man nullified
Jail guard pregnant after forced sex with inmate
Court rules that San Francisco school can expel lesbian students
Iraqi teen beats 300 year old math puzzle

Gallery: City of London from the night sky